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How do you help PARENTS?

Can my child tell you about what he wants?

It is important for us to have the child’s point of view about what does and doesn’t help them with their learning and schools will aim to meet reasonable requests. We are trialling a system of ‘one page profiles’ with the children, where we record what is important to the child, what they find difficult and what the school can do to help them. The profile will then go with them and be updated as they move through the school.

I’m a working parent but I still want to be involved in decision making about my child. How can you help?

Parent consultations are scheduled to include evening sessions for the benefit of working parents. Teachers are usually able to accommodate reasonable requests for other meetings outside school hours. However, if external agencies are involved in meetings about your child, these will probably be during the school day. If you are unable to attend a meeting then you will usually have the opportunity to express your views in writing.

Can I ask for my child to be on SENS, or to stay on SENS?

SENS is for children with particular additional needs that cannot be met with normal classroom differentiation. If your child has fallen a little behind with their learning then SENS support may not be appropriate for them. However, please be assured that the teachers will be planning to meet their needs within the classroom and they may still follow short term intervention programmes.

If you have a particular reason for thinking your child should be on SEND support then please discuss it with the class teacher and/or SENCo.

Who do I talk to if I am concerned?

Your first point of contact should always be the class teacher. It is best to ring the school and make an appointment.