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Can I tell you what I think or want or what my child thinks or wants?

I know my child best. Can I tell you what I want?

Your views are an important part of planning for your child’s education. An ongoing dialogue between parents and school staff will be the best way to ensure children’s individual needs are met. 

What information should I bring if I come to talk to the school about my child’s SEND?

If you have any relevant medical reports or a specific diagnosis, then it will be important for the school to have copies of these. Otherwise the most important information you will bring is the knowledge you have of your child. If there are important points that you want to raise, then you may want to write them down so that they are not forgotten.

How will you keep me informed about what’s happening?

There will be scheduled meetings with the class teacher each term.  For some children a home-school book may be appropriate to share information on a daily basis. Other children may have a daily behaviour chart that is shared with home.

Children with SENS will have an individual education plan which identifies short term targets.  This will be shared with parents and updated regularly with progress made towards those targets.

What is person-centred planning?

Person centred planning is a process for continual listening and learning, focussing on what is important to the child now and in the future, and acting upon this in conjunction with families. If you would like to find out more then this website is a good place to start: http://www.helensandersonassociates.co.uk/

In school a One Page Profile, written with the child, will be a starting point for identifying what is important to them, what they find difficult and how we can best help them be successful learners.