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What do I do if I think my child needs more help?

Can I ask for 1-1 help?

The focus of the work that we do with children at SENS is around the progress made, not the hours involved. Very few children in school have much 1-1 help because we aim to encourage independence in all of our children. Most children only have 1-1 help if the interventions they are working on require 1-1.

If the school doesn’t have equipment or computer programmes, can they borrow them?

If equipment or software is recommended to us by an outside agency, we will be able to borrow whatever we need. This is normally for children who have visual, hearing or other medical needs. Otherwise, we will evaluate recommendations from other professionals.

How can I find out how to help my child with their learning? I am worried that I might not be doing the right things.

Come and talk to your class teacher. They will help you to understand how learning is being matched to your child’s needs and make recommendations for you to follow at home.