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What happens if my child doesn’t make progress?

How will I be informed?

You will find out about your child’s progress at a meeting every term when targets and interventions are agreed. If your child’s teacher and SENCO think an interim meeting would be helpful, they will contact you.

What systems do the school have in place to monitor if they are making progress and how quickly will it be noticed if they are not?

All interventions take a little while to work and we have to give each one a chance before we decide to change it. Targets are either set for half a term or a term and the target review is the best chance to decide whether or not an intervention should change.

Teachers and TAs are always aware of children and the progress they make and it will quickly become apparent is your child isn't making progress.

In addition, all teachers meet with senior teachers every term to review progress of every child. Your child’s progress will be reviewed termly as part of that internal process.