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What happens when my child moves school or to another class?

What are the opportunities for Special Schools in the area?

In this part of Suffolk, which include:

  • Hardwick Primary School has a class for 4-7 year old children with Speech and Language Disorders
  • Westgate Primary School has a class for children with Hearing Impairments
  • Churchill Free School (in Haverhill) is a new school for Autistic Children aged 9+ who are achieving within age appropriate academic levels.
  • Priory Academy is a special school for children aged from 9 with moderate Learning difficulties
  • Riverwalk School is a special school for children aged 3-18 with Severe, Multiple and Profound Learning Difficulties

In addition, we can refer children to Pupil Referral Units

  • First Base, in Bury, is a PRU for children aged 4-7. Children attend the PRU for two days a week and their main school for the rest of the week
  • Millmeadow, in Gazeley near Newmarket, is a PRU for children aged 8-14. Chidlren attend for two terms before rejoining their mainstream school.
  • Priory Outreach Special service (SENDAT)

We can also access specialist outreach services:

  • First Base PRU does outreach for children aged 4-7
  • Dyslexia Outreach team
  • Special Schools Support Service offers outreach to help schools to support children with SEND.
  • The County Inclusive Support Service (CISS) is an outreach service. As part of their core offer they support children with Autism and those with Social, emotional and mental health, (ESMH) difficulties. Schools may also buy into their "traded offer" which can be used for additional support.
  • The Sensory and Communication Service is able to support young people with visual, hearing or speech and language difficulties.
  • The Early years support team are a specialist team to support children in the first year of school.

Can I choose for my child to go to a special school?

If your child has an EHC Plan, you can ask for them to be considered for a special school. Each of the Special schools has a termly ‘placement meeting’ at which the needs of all of the children who want to go are discussed and prioritised. The SENCO of the current school will need to apply and to alert the Local Authority that you are seeking a place in special school,

Can my child go to a mainstream school?

Parental Voice is very powerful in determining which school your child should attend. Generally, the LA is happy to support your wish to have your child educated in mainstream school, unless they feel that the mainstream school cannot meet your child’s learning needs.

What extra help will my child have for moving school or for moving to another class?

We carefully consider the needs of all of the children as they prepare to move class.  As soon as we know for certain what arrangements we are making we will start to prepare you and your child for the move. But please bear in mind that it is sometimes very late in the summer term before the school can definitely confirm which classes the children will be in next year. We wait to tell you what is going to happen until we are sure that we know: we don’t want to prepare your child for one thing and then do another.

Once we know what the plans are, we will make sure that your child is familiar with the part of the school they will be transferring to. Depending on your child’s needs we may take photographs of adults who will be in the class, or photographs of the classroom or the place the children line up. All children will have a chance to visit their new classroom and meet their new adults before the end of the summer term