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What is an EHC plan?

What is an EHC plan?

Since 1stSeptember 2014,  Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans) have replaced statements. Both of these documents are given only to the 2% of the population who have particularly complex needs which may, at some point, require education in a non-mainstream school.

If your child has a statement, it will be converted into an EHC plan when the child moves  from one key stage to another.

How long does an EHC plan last?

An EHC plan will last either

  • until your child is 25
  • or until they leave full time education
  • or they go to university.

Does an EHC plan mean my child will get 1-1 help?

The focus of an EHC plan has moved from the number of hours the child receives to the outcomes the child achieves. Your child will receive the help they need to achieve their targets. This will probably include some 1-1 support, some small group work and some independent work in the class.

Who can help me with understanding all the paperwork?

If you contact the school, the SENCO will give you advice. Alternatively, you may prefer to contact the Parent Partnership Service which is independent from school. [hyperlink ]

How do I know if my child might need an EHC plan?

Very few children move to an EHC Plan without having been supported within school at SENS first. The termly meetings between you, your child, the class teacher and the SENCO will be the best opportunity to have the discussion.

How will having a Plan benefit my child?

Having an EHC Plan will give your child additional choices if they may need to transfer to a special school at some point. The Plan records your view and the child’s hopes and dreams, as well as describing the child’s SEND and outlining the support your child will need to achieve their goals.