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Who do I talk to if I am worried?

I am worried that my child has SEND. Who do I talk to?

Your child’s class teacher is the person who know your child best and who is responsible for them all day in school. They are the best person to talk to about any concerns you have. He or she may suggest a meeting with the SENCO. It’s best to phone the school and make an appointment to talk to the teacher.

Can I request a dyslexia screen, or other assessments, for my child?

You can request a screen, however in reality it may take a few weeks before the school can do it. If you are worried your child may have dyslexia, talk to the teacher. If the teacher shares your concern, they can put strategies in place whether or not your child has a dyslexic screen.

If I have concerns, can I approach any member of staff with whom I feel comfortable?

We ask parents not to approach teaching assistants or lunchtime supervisors to talk about their child. The teaching assistant may not have the full picture about what is being done to support your child. If you have a concern, please talk to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Who I do I talk to if I think my child is being bullied in school?

Please bring any concerns about bullying to the school’s attention in person, my phone or by letter. We take all accusations of bullying very seriously and will always look into them.